Commercial truck carriers and manufactures will have access to federal funds this year to use towards clean diesel projects and improving air quality.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency announced in April that they were releasing as much as $20 million in grants over the next year to be used to establish clean diesel projects that reduce pollution caused by the nation’s commercial truck fleets. With the commercial trucking industry experiencing dramatic growth the EPA is trying to offset that growth with clean energy solutions. In addition to these grants, about $9 million will be available through direct state allocations and the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that for every $1 spent on clean diesel funding, up to $13 of public health benefit is realized throughout the nation.

“Technology has evolved to make diesel engines more efficient and cleaner than ever,” Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, said in a recent article. “These grants enable owners of older diesel vehicles to make investments that modernize their vehicles while making the air in their communities cleaner and healthier to breathe.”

The article also said the Environmental Protection Agency has current regulations that make new diesel engines on commercial trucks more than 90 percent cleaner, but older diesel engines release more pollution. The EPA also estimates that over 11 million older diesel engines are in use on commercial trucks throughout the nation.

The drive to find environmental solutions in the coming years is motivated by a desire to reduce pollution and the fact that more and more commercial trucks are expected to hit the road in the coming months and years. The demand for commercial trucking services is on the rise and the EPA is looking to offset that growth is regulations that cut down on pollution and save carriers on energy costs.

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