A career as a truck driver can put you ahead of the game when it comes to benefiting from the recovering economy. Many industries continues to grow sluggishly, if at all, as the economy attempts to rebound, but the commercial trucking industry is already benefiting from early growth and so are the people that drive those trucks.

As the demand for trucks continues to grow so does the demand for CDL trained commercial truck drivers. The commercial trucking industry is in a unique position because when the economic shrinks more manufactures ship products domestically, putting trucks into use. When the economy grows the need for trucks grows too as retailers look to replace merchandise bought by consumers.

Todd Fowler of KeyBanc Capital Markets recently told Forbes last month that truck capacity is increasing and the industry looks like it will continue to grow. Fowler said some were worried that another economic dip was on its way as prices for goods increased slightly, but part of the reason for the price increase he said was because of a shortage of truck drivers in America. Fewer drivers mean fewer trucks, and that leads to higher prices as the demand for commercial trucks to ship products is high.

Fowler said another reason to be optimistic about the future of trucking is that retail inventories are at all-time lows. That means as the economy improves, especially during the holiday season, retailers will be calling on trucks to fill their shelves with inventory.

The sign of growth in the commercial trucking industry means those looking for a new career might want to consider becoming a CDL trained truck driver. The Diesel Driving Academy truck driving school of Shreveport can help students gain the knowledge and experience necessary to start a long-term and successful career as a commercial truck driver. Trucks are in high demand across the country, but in Shreveport’s Ark-La-Tex region the use of commercial trucks to ship goods is especially high.

The stability of the commercial trucking industry also makes it an attractive place to start a new career. The use of airplanes, trains and even ships dramatically changes as the economy ebbs and flows. Commercial trucking is not immune to changes in the economy, the flexibility trucks provide manufactures and retailers means using trucks to ship goods will always the top choice among businesses. That means truck drivers will always be in demand and the industry will be one of the first to benefit from a growing economy.

More and more trucking companies are looking for professionally trained drivers that have the skills necessary to safely transport goods across the region and country. Diesel Driving Academy is a place where students can learn those necessary skills.