Here’s some good news for the commercial tricking industry: diesel prices were down to end June, marking the 11th straight week for diesel prices dropping. Rising fuel prices have put a strain on the commercial truck industry, especially since many carriers have no choice but to hire more drivers and schedule more truck routes. With such high demand hitting the commercial truck industry, the reduction in fuel prices has been a welcome relief.

The national average retail diesel price fell 5.1 cents to $3.678 a gallon during the week ended Monday, June 25, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. Over the previous 11 weeks the price of diesel had dropped 46.9 cents a gallon. The price of diesel in the final week of June was 21 cents lower than the same week’s average in the previous year.

Regular gasoline prices have also decreased led by a 6.2-cent decrease on the West Coast not accounting for California, where the price fell 5.8 but remains the nation’s most expensive on average at $3.908 a gallon. The smallest decreases took place in the southeast, but even the lower Atlantic region experienced a 4.4 cents a gallon decrease.

Even when gasoline and fuel prices were increasing last year the commercial trucking industry continued to grow. The high prices were a pain for truck carriers, but with demand so high, they had no choice but to pay the price at the pump. The commercial truck industry has been growing for the past few years and economist predict that as many as 500,000 new drivers will be needed over the next decade. That means another half a million trucks will be needed, all of them using a lot of fuel.

However, the recent decrease in fuel prices comes as welcome news for trucking carriers that are struggling to meet demand. With demand high in the commercial trucking sector, thousands of new drivers are needed, especially those that have completed a respected CDL training program, like the one at Diesel Driving Academy, where some of the nation’s best drivers are being taught.

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Education matters in almost every industry, and the trucking industry is no different. Drivers with the best training and experience often have the best chance at advancing in their career and growing their income.