Driving a commercial truck might not sound like a physically demanding job but many new drivers are surprised by the physical toll it can take, especially on those drivers that don’t take the necessary precautions of maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy diet can go a long way in not only helping a professional truck driver feel good while behind the wheel, but, overtime, it will help a driver maintain safe driving habits that will lead to a longer career in the commercial truck industry and a better chance of advancement.
According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the majority of accidents involving both cars and trucks are caused by motorists in cars. Drivers of cars can become over confident or impatient by driving too close to a large truck and because large commercial trucks cannot quickly come to a stop and have slower reaction times than other vehicles, cars that cutoff trucks put themselves and motorists around them in danger.
Because cars cause so many accidents involving trucks, it is important for commercial truck drivers to maintain a high level of awareness and concentration. A healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep during the night and a proper meal will have a big impact on how alert a truck driver is and how quickly they can react to the cars around them that might not be paying attention.
Truck drivers can make a big difference in their health by just making a few simple changes in their normal diet. Ordering healthy options at restaurants, choosing baked or grilled meats instead of fried foods, and ordering a wide variety of foods in an effort to get different nutrients are some easy ways professional truck drivers can eat healthier and improve their diet.
Many health experts also recommend truck drivers keep a healthy snack item in their truck, such as nuts or fruit. Many trucks are even large enough to install a small refrigerator, which can be stocked with healthy food items. This is especially helpful for truck drivers that find themselves on more deserted stretches of road where healthy eating options are harder to find. A microwavable healthy meal option can be a great alternative when all a truck stop has is fried foods.
Many truck drivers will also join a nationwide fitness center so they can maintain an exercise routine throughout their route. Regular exercise can also help drivers maintain good posture behind the wheel and stay more alert, especially while driving at night.
In the same way safe driving practices help keep a trucker’s vehicle safe and sound, healthy living practices can keep a trucker’s body in optimal condition and better prepared to handle the physical challenges that life as a commercial truck driver can sometimes bring.