The commercial trucking industry was one of the nation’s first industries to show positive growth after the 2008 recession and has often been called one of the most recession-proof sectors of the economy. However, even as the larger economy shows signs of growth the commercial trucking sector continues to move forward and continues to be one of the best bets for job seekers looking for long-term employment.

March was another month of growth for the commercial trucking industry as the amount of freight and cargo transported by commercial trucks grew and the demand on the commercial trucking industry rose.

“March tonnage, and the first quarter overall, was reflective of an economy that is growing, but growing moderately,” American Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello said in a press release.

The American Trucking Association tracks the commercial trucking industry each month with its advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck tonnage Index, which showed a 0.2 percent gain in March when compared to the previous month. When compared to March 2011 the seasonally adjusted index rose 2.7 percent

The not seasonally adjusted index was up by 9.1 percent compared to the previous month.

“Most economic indicators still look good, which will continue to support tonnage going forward,” Costello said. The American Trucking Association said the rate of growth is a bit slower than it has been in recent years but it is still trending up. Over the last couple of years the commercial trucking tonnage index increased by 5.8 percent in both 2010 and 2011. Goods continue to be transported, even during a recession as a larger focus is placed on domestic shipments. However, with the economy recovering more domestic and international shipments are taking place and both rely heavily on the commercial trucking industry.

“Expect tonnage overall this year to be up at a more moderate rate, perhaps less than 3 percent, which is more in-line with normal growth,” Costello added.

The continued growth in the commercial trucking industry is making this one of the nation’s best job fields as the demand for professionally trained truck drivers continues to grow with trucking demands rising across the country. If you are looking for a new career then receiving professional training from one of the nation’s best programs at Diesel Driving Academy is a great start. Some of the nation’s best trucking carriers work closely with Diesel Driving Academy to recruit drivers that they know have received some of the best training and experience in the commercial truck industry. The importance of the commercial trucking industry requires that carriers hire top-notch truck drivers that they know have an understanding of the safety requirements and have experience from behind the wheel.