Last month President Obama signed a new highway authorization bill into law and it drew praise from commercial trucking officials as the industry continues to experience rapid growth.

“It has been 30 months since we have had a true, long-term highway funding bill,” American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves said, “so (the highway authorization) bill signing is a good thing for trucking and for our national economy.”

Graves admitted the new bill is not perfect, but with the commercial trucking industry experiencing rapid growth there was no more time to spare in getting a new highway authorization bill finalized.

“It is not perfect, but this law advances the cause of highway safety and, I believe, will ultimately be seen as a springboard to even more robust transportation funding in the future,” Graves said.

According to the American Trucking Associations, some of the safety advances incorporated into the new law are a requirement for electronic logging devices, a study of truck crashworthiness, the creation of a drug-and-alcohol testing clearinghouse and notification system for employers of driver safety violations, improved driver licensing standards and tougher requirements for new truck drivers and companies.

However, trucking officials point out that the bill still falls short of the funding necessary to significantly update the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

“If America is to maintain its place as the world’s preeminent economy, then we must do more to maintain and improve our nation’s system of roads and bridges to ensure that goods can move freely and efficiently from factories to ports and from farms to markets,” Graves said in a press release. “While this bill takes steps in that direction, much more must be done in the future.”

Trucking officials are particularly interested in seeing the nation’s highway systems improved because thousands of new trucks are expected to hit the road in the coming months and years. The commercial trucking industry is experiencing a rapid increase in demand and more trucks – along with more drivers – are desperately needed.

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