Diesel Driving Academy is one of the very best places to start your new career as a commercial truck driver, especially with the industry experiencing such rapid growth.

Training is not necessary to become a truck driver but those drivers without professional training rarely last. In order to have a long lasting career and receive the best salary possible a driver needs to have the right training and Napier is the place to find it.

Drivers who lack the right kind of training are often overwhelmed, while professionally trained drivers, like those from the CDL training program at Diesel Driving Academy, have a better chance for long-term success.

The American Trucking Association announced last year that the turnover rate for truck drivers in 2011 had dropped by 11 percent. However, the rate was still reported at 116 percent. Despite the positive move the turnover rate remains incredibly high and it is putting a strain on commercial trucking companies that are already finding it hard to find qualified drivers.

There are many reasons for a high turnover rate in the commercial trucking industry. The biggest reason is there are too many drivers entering the field without the right training. The demand for more drivers and more trucks is so great that many companies are hiring anyone they can find with a CDL. However, by hiring just anyone companies are putting themselves at risk of losing those drivers in less than one year as untrained truck drivers are often overwhelmed by the job. Companies would gladly hire more experienced drivers and those with professional training, but it is hard to find those drivers.

Another reason for the high turnover rates is because many job seekers are enticed to the profession because of the high demand and the quick hiring practices of some companies. However, these job seekers that jump into a career as a professional truck driver without the necessary training are not likely to last.

Driving a truck is not like driving a big car. It takes skill and experience to become a professional truck driver and to be successful at it. It’s not an impossible task, and with the right training many people from all walks of life can be a successful truck driver, but it is a mistake to jump into this career without taking the proper steps.

Drivers without professional training are more likely to have an accident and new regulations make it hard to find a job with a bad driving record. Drivers without professional training are also less likely to advance and are not as good at maintaining vehicles, which is important to commercial trucking companies looking to cut down on costs.

One of the very best places to start a new career as a commercial truck driver is at Diesel Driving Academy.