Why is Finding a Quality Louisiana Trucking School So Important?

Throughout your search for CDL training, you will listen to several program descriptions, tour a variety of campuses, and talk to many different types of instructors. Each truck driving school offers a combination of varying tuition costs, driving time, and job placement methods. Where you invest your time and money will greatly affect the direction of your truck driving future.

One of the first things employers look at in prospective truckers is where they received their CDL training. Enrolling in a top-quality, respected, and hands-on trucking school is an effective way to stand out from the rest of the thousands of new truck drivers looking for work.

What Makes a Top-Quality Louisiana Truck Driving School

There are many different aspects to consider when comparing CDL training program. Just like they told you in school, no question is a stupid question. Schools should be prepared to make you as confident as possible in their program. If you feel uncertain after a tour or conversation, fire away! Bring a list with you to the school to make sure you touch on every area. Here’s a brief list of the most important areas to investigate to determine reliability.

Program Type

It’s important to be completely familiar with the structure of the trucking school’s program. There are tons of trucking schools in Louisiana, but not all of them will provide you with the exact same level of driver training. An excellent school will give you as much behind the wheel time as possible. The program should require a bit of classroom time mixed with lots of truck driving in an enclosed practice course and on the road.  The program should include late-model equipment in good condition. Employers prefer drivers who are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills of today’s trucking industry.


There’s nothing more valuable for a business or company than word of mouth advertising. Trust what your friends and family have experienced about a trucking school. You can also do some research on the school and read/watch past trucking student testimonials. Satisfied graduates will be eager to spread the word about a great school that led them to success.

Job Placement

Truck carrier recruiters value reliability. When looking for employees, they go to the schools that they know provide top notch, hands-on training. These type of schools partner with respected companies to help students land jobs as soon as they graduate. A determined trucking school staff that is eager to help their students find long-term truck driving careers is an invaluable benefit. Ask about the school’s job placement program before forking over the tuition money. After all, the ultimate reason to enroll in CDL training is to land a job right? No institution should guarantee a future career, but they should be willing to work full-time to try to make it happen.

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