Commercial trucking companies are looking for professionally trained drivers but they are finding it hard to find applicants that meet this need as many drivers are entering the field just a bit too quick without the right kind of training. That large number of inexperienced drivers is causing the turnover rate to be relatively high in the commercial truck industry.

According to an American Trucking Associations report released last year, the turnover rate for commercial truck drivers rose to 79 percent in the second quarter of 2011, making it the third quarter in a row that the turnover rate has raised for truck drivers.

“Even though the increase was small, we still believe the market for quality drivers is getting extremely tight and fleets are aggressively recruiting to fill their openings,” ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said in a press release about the recent report. “The slowdown of the economic recovery has affected the turnover rate, but if the economy continues to improve we’ll see further tightening in the driver market and a renewed risk of a severe driver shortage.”

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Drivers that enter the trucking industry without professional training usually don’t last long. They can quickly become overwhelmed and are unable to meet the daily challenges that a truck driver faces. However, those with training from Diesel Driving Academy are fully prepared to meet those challenges and are given the skills necessary to find long-term and satisfying employment as a commercial truck driver.

Drivers with professional training are also more likely to be paid higher salaries as companies are willing to pay good money for a truck driver they believe will be a long-term employee.

If you are considering a job as a professional truck driver don’t make the mistake of attending some fly-by-night program or jumping into the field without the right skills and experience. Investing in a professional and proven training program like Diesel Driving Academy is the smart choice.