For the past several years most employment sectors have laid off workers and cut back but the commercial trucking industry has been growing and looking for new drivers. Employment numbers are just now beginning to show signs of improvement but trucking has remained one of America’s fastest growing sectors and professionally trained drivers are in high demand.

In an interview with the State Journal-Register newspaper in Illinois late last year, Bob Howard, director of truck driver training at Lincoln Land Community College, said the trucking industry is facing a shortage of at least 200,000 drivers with that number expected to double over the next few years.

Part of the challenge to fill the needed positions is driving trucks is no easy work. But, with the right training, a quality driver can make a great living in a industry that continues to grow.

Helping to fill those positions are programs like Diesel Driving academy, which is a leader in training CDL licensed drivers for the finest trucking companies in the country.

Like all industries, commercial trucking was hit by the recession, but it is also showing one of the biggest rebounds in the post-recession era. Driving the growth is a rebound in manufacturing that requires parts and products to be shipped across the country. However, air shipping continues to be expensive and trains can be limited in what areas they serve. Trucks offer the most flexibility and work is underway to ease restrictions for international crossing that will make shipping via trucks even more attractive to manufactures and commercial businesses.

The cost of importing and exporting products overseas is also on the rise, which has many manufactures looking to American companies for parts. American companies are also refocusing efforts on selling to the American consumer, which is all good news for the trucking industry as it continues to stand as the country’s No. 1 domestic shipping source.

CDL training is in high demand with the need for more commercial truck drivers, but attending a quality program at a school like Diesel Driving Academy is becoming critically important as future truck drivers will have to understand the new technology being introduced to the trucking industry and understand how to drive the trucks of tomorrow.

If you are looking for a new career then now would be the perfect time to consider the commercial truck driver profession. With the right training and experience, drivers can secure long-term employment and a great salary. Diesel Driving Academy takes seriously its commitment to helping students becoming some of the nation’s finest commercial truck drivers and recruiters at Diesel Driving Academy work hard to help students find employment upon graduation.