With a growing number of commercial trucks taking to America’s highways and roads the issue of safety has never been more important. Drivers today are expected to not only understand the laws of the road, but should have a strong grasp of the safety features on commercial trucks and how to properly control the vehicle in a way that protects the cargo, the driver and other motorist on the road.

Last month the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recognized Brake Safety Week in an effort to help commercial truck drivers remember to check their air brakes and be mindful of the safety problems that can develop when air brakes go unchecked. In a press release by the organization last month the CVSA stated that air brakes are often an overlooked component of a commercial truck and that many drivers fail to maintain their air brakes due to a lack of knowledge on how to look out for problems or a failure to conduct regular inspections.

According to the CVSA, more than 50 percent of out-of-service violations cited during roadside inspections in 2010 were for brake-related violations. During the week of Sept. 17 the safety organization worked with commercial truck drivers and mechanics to get out information about regulations and break compliance standards that commercial truck drivers should be mindful of when they are on the road.
“Ultimately, brakes are a major factor in being able to operate a commercial vehicle safely, yet they continue to be cited as one of the leading factors in crashes due to defects and improper maintenance and adjustment,” Stephen A. Keppler, CVSA’s executive director, said in a press release.

As more trucks hit the road every year the issue of commercial trucking safety is becoming an even bigger priority for safety organizations and commercial trucking companies. That’s why employers are often looking for drivers that have the best commercial truck training and education from a program that not only prepares students to obtain their CDL, but also understand the ins and outs of trucking safety.

Throughout Brake Safety Week the CVSA sent out certified inspectors to conduct enforcement and education activities with drivers throughout North America, according to the CVSA. The campaign is part of the ongoing CVSA effort, called Operation Air Brake.

The Diesel Driving Academy of Baton Rouge takes safety seriously when training students to become professional CDL commercial truck drivers. A driver’s understanding of safety is often as important to a prospective employer as the ability to drive a truck and transport goods on time. As commercial trucking companies add to their fleet and hire more drivers, organizations like CVSA are working to ensure these new drivers have the proper understanding of trucking safety, which students of the Diesel Driving Academy are provided.