No other industry plays as important a role in American than the commercial trucking industry, or at least the trucking industry is among the leaders. America moves by truck – literally – and truck drivers play such a crucial role in driving the American economy. If you are looking for a career that is fun, rewarding and makes a difference, then look no further than the commercial trucking industry.

Commercial trucks are by far the highest use form of shipping in the nation, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast claims that there are more than 3.5 million commercial truck drivers on the road and that 70 percent of all goods are delivered by trucks.

The forecast also claims that almost 7 percent of all American workers are employed in a field directly related to the commercial trucking industry. For those employed as a commercial truck driver the average salary is near $50,000.

Not only does the importance of the commercial trucking industry directly impact the shipment of goods, it also provides a major boost in the areas of employment and tax revenue, both key factors in an economic recovery.

The commercial trucking industry isn’t recession proof as the industry had its share of challenges during the economic collapse of 2008. But trucking is often the first industry to rebound – as is the case now – and because of its importance there will always be a demand for commercial trucking services. As the economy experienced a boost over the past few months the demand for commercial trucking services also increased. In fact, the demand for commercial truck drivers has never been higher as commercial truck companies are frantically looking for professionally trained drivers to help meet demand.

Maybe you are looking to change careers to an industry that offers a better future. Or maybe you were recently laid off and you need a job that can not only offer stability but a strong salary. If that’s the case then becoming a commercial truck driver might be your best option as the future is bright and the income is often higher than many other professions.

Companies are desperate to hire more drivers, but they are also desperate to find professionally trained truckers that not only possess a CDL but also have a wide variety of training. The best way to become a professional truck driver is to complete a training program, such as the Diesel Driving Academy training program. Through the help of experienced instructors and hands on training, students receive some of the best commercial truck driver training in the nation and are put in a position to secure a long-lasting career in this growing – and important – industry.