Working as a professional truck driver can be a unique career that offers a long-term future, great starting pay and the chance to work on the open road, rather than in a stuffy desk. There is also a large demand for more drivers as the commercial trucking industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the nation’s economy.

However, receiving the right kind of professional training can be the difference between a long and fruitful career and one that is very challenging. At Diesel Driving Academy students are finding a much more fulfilling career as a driver than students that have no training at all. Plus, the schools recruiters have some of the most success with putting students in the job they desire.

The life of a commercial truck driver isn’t simply about sitting behind a wheel for several hours. It involves knowledge on how to operate different equipment, an understanding of the different regulations required of truck drivers and the ability to recognize mechanical problems and provide quick solution that don’t delay a critical load from arriving on time. Carriers need drivers they can trust and those with the right experience and training. It is more crucial than ever for carriers to be efficient and professional, especially given the changing economy, and that means students at Diesel Driving Academy’s CDL training program are at the head of the line for getting some of the best truck driving jobs.

Possessing a CDL is the minimum requirement to driving trucks but a person that simply memorizes the CDL manual and logs a few hours behind a truck will find that the life of a truck driver is different than they had expected. It requires skill and concentration but with the right training it can be a great career. Truckers provide a great service as the bulk of America’s goods are shipped on trucks. There is also a need for professionally trained drivers that have experience with newer models of commercial trucks.

The training program at Diesel Driving Academy offers prospective commercial truck drivers the experience and training necessary to establish a long career. Trucking companies, which are trying to fill a growing demand for more drivers, often look first to applicants that have professional CDL training. In addition to possessing a CDL, trained drivers have a skillset that most companies are looking for because they know they are likely to be a long-term employee, which is important with turnover rates relatively high with too many drivers jumping into the profession without the right training.

Some estimates predict that as many as 500,000 drivers will be needed over the next decade and carriers turn first to respected training programs, like the one at Diesel Driving Academy.