If you want a great job, look no further than the commercial trucking industry. However, preparation is the key in order to have a long-term and successful career in this growing industry. Driving a truck can be a challenging job, especially as business continues to grow in the commercial trucking industry, but training programs like the one at Diesel Driving Academy are helping to produce some of the nation’s best truck drivers and helping students start their journey to a long and fulfilling career as a trucker.

Demand for commercial truck drivers is up but even in today’s tough job market truck carriers are finding it hard to meet the demand with the right candidate for the thousands of trucking jobs available across the nation. However, if a person is willing to complete a quality-training program, such as the one at Diesel Driving Academy, a great career can be found in the commercial trucking industry for people of all backgrounds. Carriers are also attracted to the best applicants, which is why graduates of Diesel Driving Academy are some of the most highly sought after driver around, especially from some of the nation’s top trucking carriers.

According to a report by the Global Insight firm, the demand for commercial truck drivers is pushing salaries up, especially when compared to other industries.

“It has become common for industry analysts to comment that wages must go from the current $40,000+ a year to $65,000 to solve the driver shortage problem,” the firm said about pre-recession periods.

There is good pay in this profession, especially as commercial truck carriers attempt to meet rising demands. However, carriers are becoming more selective on drivers they hire as they look for those that have professional training and experience. Carriers want to know that the driver they hire will be able to meet the challenges they face on the road and understands the importance of safety, especially as new regulations hold carriers more accountable for unsafe driving practices reported from their own drivers. Possessing a CDL is the minimum requirement to driving commercial trucks and a person that simply has a CDL will find it hard to find a quality job as a professional driver.

The CDL training program at Diesel Driving Academy prepares students for good paying careers in the commercial truck industry and works with commercial truck carriers to help students transition into their ideal job.

Experienced instructors work closely with students and help them establish a great living as a commercial truck driver. Good preparation is the key to success in almost every walk of life, and the same is especially true in commercial trucking. If this is a career field you want to enter than beginning your journey at DDA is one of the best first steps you can take.