Driving a commercial truck for a living is not always considered a young man’s (or woman’s) game, but jobseekers of all ages, especially those just entering the workforce, are finding that a career as a commercial truck driver can be a very rewarding profession.

The truck industry has many drivers on the older end of the age spectrum and thousands of those drivers will be entering retirement in the coming years. That is why many truck carriers are seeking younger drivers who are willing to start a new career in one of the fastest growing job sectors in America.

The demand for commercial truck drivers is large and jobseekers of all ages with professional training are in high demand all across the country. The commercial truck industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years and those with professional training are especially desirable by some of the best truck carriers in the country.

A career as a commercial truck driver can be a great fit for jobseekers of any age, but it is an especially promising career for younger workers, especially those that receive professional training from a respected program like Diesel Driving Academy. Some of the nation’s best driving instructors are at Diesel Driving Academy, and recruiters are working with students to help them find the best truck driving job after they compete the CDL program.

According to the Transport Capital Partners’ Fourth Quarter 2012 Business Expectations survey, 80 percent of commercial truck carriers said they would be willing to hire younger drivers that had professional training. Carriers are desperate to find quality truck drivers, especially as the trucking industry continues to grow and more drivers enter retirement.

“Most carriers know that turnover levels have doubled since the recession, which has continued to negatively impact our industry,” said Richard Mikes, TCP Partner. “Driver attraction and retention will continue to be an important issue for carriers.”

The survey also found that only 30 percent of truck carriers say they have hired inexperienced drivers as those with professional training from a program like US Truck Driving School continue to be the most attractive candidates to carriers.

The survey shows more good news for truck drivers as 66 percent of truck carriers said they expect wages will increase up to 5 percent this year. Almost 80 percent of commercial truck carriers expect that wages will increase in the next year.

At Diesel Driving Academy, students are being prepared for a bright and long-term career as a professional truck driver. The demand for drivers is high, but the majority of carriers are looking for drivers with experience and professional CDL training, and Diesel Driving Academy is helping to create the next generation of American truck drivers.