There is a shortage of professionally trained truck drivers in America as the commercial truck industry continues to grow, but even without the growth of the past few years and the next decade, there would still be a shortage of skilled drivers as thousands of older truck drivers prepare to enter retirement.

A third of all truck drivers on the road today are at least 50 years of age, according to estimates from the American Trucking Associations. Combined with a third of the workforce expected to enter retirement sometime over the next 15 to 20 years, the need for new drivers to enter the commercial trucking industry is almost as great as it’s ever been. A new generation of commercial truck drivers is needed and trucking companies are ready to fill positions immediately with the right candidates who have the right training.

A job as a commercial truck driver can be a steady career for drivers of any age, but there is a particular interest by many companies to find younger drives. However, trucking companies want drivers that have proper CDL training, putting students of the Diesel Driving Academy are at an advantage when it comes to meeting the demand for commercial trucking jobs.

Currently less than 10 percent of commercial truck drivers in the United States are under the age of 30, and less than 20 percent of drivers are younger than 34 years of age. The industry needs new drivers of all ages and the Diesel Driving Academy is helping to meet that demand.

The Diesel Driving Academy specializes in providing the best hands-on truck driving training available. Students are put in a position upon completion of the program to enter the commercial truck driving job field and secure employment in some of the industry’s best positions.

Students of the Diesel Driving Academy also have the advantage of training at a school that works closely with recruiters from most all of the major trucking companies across the nation. These companies are looking for drivers that have the best skills and experience and the Diesel Driving Academy is producing students to meet that need. Students are also prepared to obtain their CDL and gain the necessary skills to become a local driver or drive for long hauls.

The commercial trucking industry is desperately looking for a new generation of drivers that have training in the areas of maintenance, safety and driving that will help trucking companies meet the growing need for domestic and international trucking services. Students looking to be a part of that next generation of commercial truck drivers should strongly consider the Diesel Driving Academy’s truck driving program.